Because you get to be all of our Galentine!!! I'll get the love started...
  1. Happy Galentine's Day, @pathb! And Happy Valentine's Day too! 💗
  2. Just today I realized I didn't follow you and I couldn't believe it because I enjoy so many of your lists!
    Don't worry! I remedied that ASAP!
  3. A few things I adore about you? You're a great mom. You love coffee! And books! (Which, honestly, are my two best friends.) You are always so sweet and loving in the comments here. You genuinely make me smile all the time! And you have a great perspective because you've been a lot of places and done a lot of things.
  4. Basically, you're kind and loving, smart and sweet...all my favorite things!
    Here's hoping your Valentine's Day was as lovely as you are! Thank you for being here and sharing your wonderfulness with us all! 😘
  5. Things we have in common: mom's known for their hugging, dad's known for being frugal, youngest sister, human (that part of me is debatable) female, Christian. We also both traveled a ton in our twenties.
    I love how you advocate for your kids and do your best to ensure their success. It'll happen I promise!
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  7. @pathb You are a kind and wonderful woman:)
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  8. You always leave such sweet comments on my lists! Happy Galentine's Day!!! 💜💜💜💜
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  9. Happy Galentines and Valentine's Day @pathb I love your lists, you're an amazing mom and woman. Hope you got some time to spend with your real life loves today. 😘
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