Justice Scalia passed away.
  1. This is a big deal.
    I assume everyone on List App is smart enough to know why, but if not. Scalia was ultra Conservative. Thus, this swings the Supreme Court from 5-4 Conservative to 5-4 Liberal, provided we can get someone approved by the Senate and appointed in the next 11 months.
  2. No one in currently in this car with me is reacting with the appropriate level of care.
    My friends are the worst.
  3. The 2016 election is a big deal.
    For a lot of reasons, of course, but one of the biggest is because our Supreme Court has a few really old members. I would estimate the next president will appoint a few justices. So, Democrats, please vote. For the President but also the Senate. Please, please, please. Republicans, feel free to sit this one out. 😝
  4. That all said, Scalia was a brilliant legal mind.
    I disagreed with almost every opinion he wrote, and I didn't appreciate his snark the way I do RBG's, but, still, brilliant.