I love 🎅🏿! (My Secret Santa was not actually a black man, but the real Santa is, obviously.)

You guys! I know I'm late like usual but here's hoping you're still into Secret Santa reveals because I got my package today!!! 😊
  1. I went home to Montana super early, so I knew I wouldn't get my Secret Santa package until I got back, but it was totally worth the wait!
  2. I walked into my house around 6:15 a.m. after taking a red eye home last night.
    This did not stop me from immediately looking for my package, obviously.
  3. Two packages on the dining room table...
    Both for my roommate. But maybe that's for the best because I need to go to bed anyway.
  4. Oh wait, was is that? A box for me and it's pink?!?
    And it has the cutest tape?
  5. And adorable stickers?
  6. And comes from the UK?!?
  7. Eeek!
    I was so excited! But told myself I needed to go to sleep and couldn't open it until I woke up.
  8. And then I immediately opened it. 😝
    Is that not the cutest box ever?!? I'm already beyond happy!
  9. And then I opened my card and lost it because this is literally the most perfect card for me and I'm dying over how cute it is! 😍
    Cute Christmases are my favorite Christmases!
  10. Drumroll please...I am obviously the luckiest person ever, because I got the lovely and talented @marceline as my Secret Santa!!! 🙌🏽
    And look at these goodies!!!
  11. She sent me the most adorable things from Scotland...oh and chocolate!!! Can never go wrong with chocolate. 😊
    Can't wait to try them all!
  12. She sent me stickers, which make me embarrassingly happy. 😁
  13. And other cute things like these precious buttons!
  14. And how adorable is this eraser?
    Too cute to use indeed!
  15. She also sent me lip balm...which is my favorite thing in the world.
    Well tied with hand sanitizer. 😉 I use them both obsessively!
  16. And this Rainbow Rowell book!
    I've read Eleanor & Park and just downloaded Fangirl and Attachments too so I'm excited for more RR! Plus I feel ultra special since it's only been released in the UK so far! 😊
  17. She also sent me these precious Christmas decorations (clearly she picked up on my Christmas obsession)!
    They are just too cute and I love so much that y'all call them jumpers instead of sweaters. 😊 My roommate made me take down all the Christmas decorations today but I already can't wait to put them up next year!
  18. But, honestly, best of all...she sent me some @marceline originals!!!
  19. How cute is this?!?
    I love real-life lists too, of course, and bumble bees...this is just darling! 😍
  20. And look at this gingerbread man ornament! I love him so much!
    Not to mention that calendar and those darling stickers!
  21. I will definitely be checking out her Etsy shop and using this little treat! 😊
  22. She also sent me these cute little writings of hers and I can't wait to read them!
  23. Sweet @marceline, thank you so much for my lovely gifts! They all made me smile so very much! 😊
    As did this list! You're the best! 😘
  24. And, of course, thanks to @DawnCloud for organizing!
    This entire Secret Santa exchange, from shopping for my lovely recipient, to getting my perfect package to seeing everyone else's reveal lists has brought me so much joy! Thank you for making it happen! 😘