Inspired by @theshome et al — And, okay, full disclosure: these aren't exactly my last 10 orders. Otherwise it would have been all books. So I did most of my last 10 but skipped a few books to make it a tick less boring at the end. 😝
  1. Static
    Got this last month but haven't made anything out of it yet.
  2. Static
    The book for my bible study book club.
  3. Static
    No orders from mid-July to mid-September? Way to go, Jess! #responsibility #funemployment
  4. Static
    Sensing a theme? I decided I wanted to expand my knowledge on what it means to be black in America.
  5. Static
    This was all one order.
  6. Static
    Bought this one (and another book by her) a week before the other books on the list.
  7. Static
    I also like cheesy books too. Especially ones that become movies with super cute Sam Claflin in them. 😍
  8. Static
    And board games from the 70s. 😝
  9. Static
    And super-cute passport holders.
  10. Static
    A local women's shelter was in need of feminine hygiene products so I bought a lot of tampons and pads for them and made a delivery this summer.