Last 10 things I bought on Amazon

Inspired by @theshome et al — And, okay, full disclosure: these aren't exactly my last 10 orders. Otherwise it would have been all books. So I did most of my last 10 but skipped a few books to make it a tick less boring at the end. 😝
  1. Got this last month but haven't made anything out of it yet.
  2. The book for my bible study book club.
  3. No orders from mid-July to mid-September? Way to go, Jess! #responsibility #funemployment
  4. Sensing a theme? I decided I wanted to expand my knowledge on what it means to be black in America.
  5. This was all one order.
  6. Bought this one (and another book by her) a week before the other books on the list.
  7. I also like cheesy books too. Especially ones that become movies with super cute Sam Claflin in them. 😍
  8. And board games from the 70s. 😝
  9. And super-cute passport holders.
  10. A local women's shelter was in need of feminine hygiene products so I bought a lot of tampons and pads for them and made a delivery this summer.