Last 5 Photos On My Camera Roll, Captioned

Inspired by @NickKennedy via @kellyk
  1. My roommate wore a Republican shirt today so I wore my Hillary 2016 shirt to balance her out. Sent this to our other roommate to tell her about it. 😝
  2. Helped a friend pack for her move today. She's moving from a place with a big walk-in shower to a place with a regular shower so she doesn't need this anymore. I also sent this pic to my roommate to see if she wanted it.
  3. Another Instagram screenshot that I sent to my favorite group chat.
  4. Also sent to my favorite group chat. We were talking about the world ending Wednesday night because of that Indians/Cubs WS Extra Innings apocalypse tweet from 2014 and we were talking about food we'd miss and after some debate settled on Chick-fil-A being the best. So when I went the next day, I had to send them a pic.
  5. Aftermath of the photo shoot my bestie did yesterday for her upcoming 40th birthday invite. Good times. 😂