Inspired by @tatertotfreak
  1. Times Jess ignored my texts/calls.
    Written by: Mom
  2. Reasons we don't understand why Jess is a crazy Liberal.
    She's from Montana for goodness sakes.
  3. Ways in which Jess acts like she is better than all of us, just because she's never been to jail.
  4. Reasons why we think Jess is a lesbian.
    Written by: Mom & Grandma
  5. Places we don't think Jess should live.
    Basically: anywhere she wants to.
  6. Times we didn't tell Jess bad news, but still put it on Facebook for all to see.
  7. Reasons Jess is the lamest person in the family.
    This one would also probably be about me being the only one not to go to jail.
  8. Why Jess is my favorite sister.
    This would be written by my 7-year-old brother. He doesn't actually think I'm lame.
  9. Things we just don't understand about that girl.
    This would be infinitely long.
  10. Reasons we love Jess.
    Hopefully this would include more than just the free legal advice. ;)