Inspired by @aus10 @BWN_7 @andersun etc. and finally posted because I need a break from Twitter/news/the current state of our world.
  1. New England Patriots.
    It's just 100% because they're too good. And because I love Drew Bledsoe, who was replaced by Brady (so I hate him). Also, Belichick is an evil genius, but I kinda respect that. But, still, hate the Patriots. (With apologies to my boyfriend Chris Evans.)
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers
    I don't mess with teams that worship people who are sexual assaulters.
  3. Montana State Bobcats
    In Montana, you're either a Bobcat fan or a Grizzly fan...and a lot of it is determined by which side of the state you live on. Growing up on the Eastern half, I thought maybe I was a Bobcats fan (but I was always more into pro football than college). Then when I was 13, I moved to Western Montana and was like 'the Bobcats are terrible, so are their colors, I'm a Griz fan!' And then I went to college at the University of Montana and solidified my hatred of the Bobcats.
  4. Penn State.
    See: Steelers above. Sorry Pennsylvania. It's you, not me.
  5. Chicago Bears
    I actually can't hate them right now cause they're having a rough...decade or so. But I'm a Packers fan & evidently that means I either consider the Vikings or the Bears our main rival. I think most people consider the Vikes to be currently, since they're quite a bit better than da Bears, but I really like their coach. Plus I considered the rivalry with the Bears to be deeper/the real one. And I used to live with a really obnoxious Bears fan who was super hateful to my Packers. So, sorry Bears.
  6. Honorable Mention.
    Washington Redskins and Cleveland Indians and every other stupid team with a Native American mascot.