Inspired by @pili_ervin...not sure how well I'll do at putting this list together (cause I tend to adhere to the Mindy Lahiri a best friend is a tier, not a person rule) but I liked Bill's list so I'm giving it a try.
  1. Sonny, Age 3+
    When I was 3, my younger brother was born and he has been my best friend ever since. Our childhood was tough, so it was always kind of him and I against the world. We're all grown up now, but even with his crazy political opinions, he remains my number one.
  2. Erinn, Age 7-13
    Erinn was my grade school best friend. We lost touch when I moved, but happened to be in Vegas at the same time about 10 years ago and had a good time reconnecting. Now that Number 1 above has kids, I visit my hometown a lot more often than I used to, so I try to see Erinn any time I'm in town.
  3. Micah, Age 10-11
    I miss him all the time.
  4. Becca, Chioko, Serena, April, Kara, Age 14+
    My high school best friends group (in particular order, haha). I kept up with them in various amounts. I still see Becca any time I visit my other hometown (which is often now that my parents are home full time) and see any of the other girls if we happen to be in town at the same time (they all moved away too). Social media has helped us keep in touch, but I wouldn't say I'm particularly close to them now. I'm good at letting friends go, as will probably become clear throughout this list.
  5. Julie, Age 15-20
    Julie was the kindergarten teacher when I was in high school and I was her aide for three years (yes, for 3 of my 4 years of high school I got to spend one period a day with fun! I was so bummed when I couldn't make it work with my schedule my senior year). Even though she was a grown up and I was a kid, we became really close friends. We still keep in touch and honestly, I miss her all the time!
  6. Biz, Age 16+
    My mom has a habit of taking in kids who need mothering, so Biz became my sister and my best friend. I moved across the country, she got married, lives got busy, so we both can suck at staying in touch at times, but she's still a member of my family and I get to see her anytime I go home. No matter where our lives take us, she's my 'til death do us part bestie.
  7. Drew, Age 17-20
    Started out as best friends...but you know how it goes. Young love is hard. I certainly don't mind catching up if I ever run into him now, but after things didn't work out, our friendship never really recovered.
  8. Jaime, Age 19+
    I met Jaime on my first day after transferring to the University of Montana. We worked together at the business school advising office all through college and were polar opposites. Neither of us particularly liked the other for a while but then we became super close. Like Biz, my mom basically adopted Jaime so we were forced to become best friend/sisters. I suck at keeping in touch with her most of the time, but she'll be another lifer.
  9. Michelle, Age 20+
    Shell lives in Maine, so I don't see her very often. But she has always made me such a priority in her life and been a really great best friend. We don't talk daily like we once did, but still keep in touch and love each other a lot. And she's killing the hating Trump on Twitter game right now, so that makes me happy!
  10. Bryan, Age 21
    Bryan and I were RAs together my last year of college. His floor was right below mine and we just clicked. I went on to law school and he ended up going into the Marines. We used to keep in touch via Facebook (he's out of the military now and has a little girl) until I deactivated my account last year. I found an old letter from him a few months back that said we had better still be friends in 10 years, and it really made me smile and want to keep in touch better.
  11. Lauren, Age 22+
    Lauren was my law school BFF! We were also good friends with Erica, who was one year ahead of us. I casually keep in touch with Erica now but Lauren remains the long-distance friend I probably keep in touch with the most. Though we haven't lived in the same city since 2009, we see each other often and text all the time. She's my go-to girl!
  12. Kate, Age 22-24
    Kate was my other best friend while I lived in Milwaukee. We met through bible study and she immediately made me a part of her family (which was so great when I couldn't make it home to Montana for smaller holidays). We also lived together my last year there...which led to a little falling out. But we recovered and still keep in touch, and I go back to Milwaukee to see her occasionally. (Last trip was for her wedding in 2015 but she just had a baby so it might be time for me to get back there!)
  13. Stefanie, Age 23+
    Stef and I have always been long-distance best friends, but there have been many times in my life where I relied on her more than anyone around me. We sort of suck at keeping in touch now, but we're still always there if the other one needs.
  14. Warrior, Age 24+
    I was 24 (well, 4 days away from being 24 anyway) when War was born. I lived in Milwaukee at the time, but made my first visit to meet him when he was 6 weeks old. It was love at first sight and we never looked back. He is hands down the biggest joy of my life. 💙💙💙💙💙
  15. Crystal and Tessa, Age 25+
    Crystal was my first best friend when I moved to Charlotte. We hit it off immediately and her baby, who was 2 days older than Warrior, made my transition so much easier. They quickly became my Charlotte family and I am so thankful for that! But I ended up going to work for her husband and things ended kinda badly last year when I left the company after 7 years. So. Now things are kinda hard and definitely different. But I still love and adore Crys and the girls.
  16. My Charlotte Girlfriends Group, Age 25+
    I took all my Charlotte besties and merged them into one group (cause I'm anti social and it was easier to just hang out all together instead of spending time in smaller groups). Trippy remains my best friend today and if I move away from Charlotte, leaving her will be the worst. I live with Jill and Sophia. Used to live with Ashley (but we no longer talk; her choice but I'm good with it) & Jenn and I haven't seen each other in a couple months, which is really weird for us. But c'est la vie.
  17. He Who Shall Not Be Named, Age 27-31
    I don't want to talk about it. He's a list all his own. Actually, he's probably a lot of lists I choose not to write. Though, like Micah, he did make an appearance on this one: Reasons I'm Like This
  18. Rod, Age 27+
    My work husband...or at least he was before I left my job. He's the greatest. I miss him all the time (he works directly for the company who was my client, so he lives in another state) and the only reason I'm tempted to continuing working in the NASCAR world is so I can still see him at the racetrack.
  19. Lauren & Donald, Age 28+
    I hired these two and we all worked together 2013-2015. They are two of the best people I know and our group message is by far my most active text messaging. They make me genuinely happy all the time.