My family is (mostly) great. I love them unconditionally. But they are straight up insane. I'm fairly normal (whatever that means) but my family is on the crazy train. For your enjoyment, here is a ranking of my tattoos, my mother's tattoos and my younger brother's tattoos, from most boring/basic to most insane.
  1. First, I want y'all to know how much I care about your amusement. Because when I asked my mother and my brother to send me a picture of each of their tattoos, it did not go well at first.
    I persisted and they gave in, so y'all better appreciate. 😝 My older sister also has tattoos, but I'm going to save her craziness for a later list.
  2. First up - most boring/basic belongs to me! Imagine that.
    Right after I moved to Charlotte, I met my friend Crystal. I told her I wanted a tattoo but no one thought I would actually get it. For my 25th birthday, she took me to get one. I settled on the word believe on my wrist.
  3. I don't regret it, but I find it pretty boring now. And this is how I know it's the most basic tattoo EVER.
    About a year later, I met a new friend Jacquelyn. And she has the same tattoo. And when I say the same, I mean the SAME. Same word. Same spot. Same font. And facing the same way, which according to my brother and my tattoo artist, is the wrong way. But it was for me, not other people, so I like being able to read it.
  4. Mom gets second most-basic tattoo.
    A ladybug on her ankle. (Don't mind the leg will be a reoccurring theme, haha!) She often calls my sister Jennie Bug, so this tattoo is for her. Please note that she does NOT have a tattoo for me, but she says she plans to get an angel to represent me. We'll see.
  5. Next tattoo belongs to my brother.
    And now you know part of my last name. It comes down one of his arms. Two of his friends got their last names in the same font/spot that day.
  6. My mom and my brother both have this tattoo in the same spot.
    79-09. The years of my older brother's birth and death. I believe my brother did it first and then my mom got the same one later.
  7. Back to mom. A heart on her other ankle.
    She and her younger cousin/sister Indian way got these together. It used to have my dad's initials, RS, but I think she tried to have that turned into a vine or something?
  8. My brother's arm.
    Stars are kinda normal/dull right? He says this one is 'home done' which I take to mean someone did it at their house, not that he gave it to himself, but who really knows.
  9. My mom's horseshoe with a rose.
    I don't know when she got this or where it is on her body or why she wanted it? At some point, I guess you just stop keeping track.
  10. My left foot.
    I always wanted a tattoo on my foot. I originally planned on 'Send Me' but I thought a quote about walking or going or something would be cool too. This quote spoke to me and I went in to get a consultation to see how long it would take to heal, etc, and the artist with a months-long waiting list has a cancellation and did it on the spot. I was in a short dress. Not awkward at all. 😝
  11. Mom's feathers.
    This is on her thigh and her and my aunt (her younger sister) got them together a long time ago.
  12. Mom.
    This time she combined a horseshoe and a feather! Here's another one I don't know when/where/why, but I guess she likes themes?
  13. Mom's hot mess.
    Once upon a time, this was a banner with my dad's name on it and an arrow through it. But then my dad had an affair with my mom's best friend for several years, so he lost his right to be a tattoo. So then she added some flowers or some vines or some something and now it's this.
  14. Sonny's mudflap girl.
    My brother got this when he was 16 at a friend's house. Classic, I guess? He wanted me to know that he was 'stoned af' when he got it.
  15. Mom's Thumper.
    A rabbit may be basic, but it's the placement of this one that makes it a real treat. As mom so beautifully put it: 'this one is by my woo hoo!'
  16. Side story re: Thumper tattoo. I don't remember most of my childhood, but I remember this specifically!!!
    I had my 11th birthday at a water park. My mom brought me and some friends to the water park but then she got bored. So she left us unattended and went to get Chinese food but saw a tattoo place on the way. She went in wearing her swimsuit and randomly got this rabbit. Then she went and got her Chinese food (she says: at least I got it to go and brought you some) and came back. Mother of the Year, folks!
  17. My brother's wrist.
    This one he actually got at a tattoo place, which is always a plus. CBCS = Country Boy Can Survive.
  18. Inside of my brother's upper arm.
    He's very proud of being from Montana (which will be obvious in a tattoo still to come) and 406 is our area code. This one was done by a friend of my brother's while they were 'vodka drunk' at his house. Sounds safe.
  19. My right foot.
    Together, I love my two feet tattoos and think they're great. But if you only see my right foot, it's probably a little awkward that it just says 'Don't be scared to like it.' I hope the ... before implies that you should read the other foot first. 😁
  20. Inside of my brother's other upper arm.
    BTTE = Brothers Til The End. I believe my cousin Ray also has this tattoo, though his isn't in the same spot/as big if I remember right.
  21. My brother's lower arm.
    This is the only tattoo my brother regrets. I asked him why and he said that 'back then redneck was a lot more general term' and that 'it stood more for the white blue collar working man.' Now he can think of 'a lot better terms than redneck but back then it worked.' Neat.
  22. Still my brother. Opposite arm of redneck.
    I went back-and-forth between this one and the one coming up for the top spot. But ultimately, this is second place. If it was just the state of Montana, it'd be pretty normal (especially for Sonny) but the Made In Montana part really makes it stand out. 🙈
  23. Top spot goes to Mom! Overall my brother's tattoos are crazier than her's as a whole, but she gets the craziest!
    Yes. That is the Denny's restaurant logo on my mother's arm.
  24. She likes to tell people that she got it because 1, she worked there for 20 years and this was her present from the company or 2, she just really loves their food. In actuality, it is my stepdad's name.
    And she got drunk with one of his coworkers and they decided to go get tattoos. And she got the Denny's sign and he got the Copenhagen lid. 🙈🙈🙈