I'm late to the party, as usual, but inspired by @llr517 @kcupcaker @Diplomatic_diva etc.
  1. You're tall and I am not.
    And you know that I hate unloading the dishwasher because I can't reach the top shelves. So whenever I unload it, I just leave the top-shelf items (and, let's be honest, the just annoying to put away items too) on the counter and you put them away without a second thought when you see them.
  2. We both like to read. Quietly.
    So we sit together but are each in our own worlds as we read quietly, but neither of us gets annoyed when the other one wants to discuss what they just read.
  3. You never make me pick where we're eating dinner.
    But you also don't get mad when I turn down the first few places you suggest.
  4. And speaking of eating...
    For some reason (probably a combination of me loving you quite a lot and you also being super full of manners), I don't hate the sound of you eating like I do everyone else on earth.
  5. We maintain our separate lives.
    But we still share them together.
  6. I don't make you go shopping with me.
    But when we go to Target or the grocery store together, you enjoy wandering around and taking your time as much as I do.
  7. We split the chores, because come on, that's just the way it should be.
    But neither of us really want to scrub the shower or wash the baseboards, so we have a very nice older lady that comes and does that twice a month.
  8. Getting married isn't the end all be all for either of us.
    But then one day we decide to do it (probably for the tax benefits, cause I'm a nerd like that). We invite a few people over for a backyard bbq and surprise them with an ultra-quick, ultra-low key ceremony.
  9. You volunteer.
    Not at the same places as me. You have yours and I have mine and every once in awhile we will volunteer somewhere together.
  10. You don't judge my terrible singing in the car.
    You might need to be a little hard of hearing for this to work out.