I used to travel every weekend for work, so I'm still getting used to (but enjoying) weekends at home.
  1. Slept in until 10:00am.
    It was fabulous. I love sleeping in so much!
  2. Worked out with my trainer.
    Not as enjoyable as sleeping in, but still not a bad Saturday morning activity.
  3. Went grocery shopping.
    I love grocery shopping, but I haven't gone in quite some time. It was nice. Not too many screaming kids and I remembered everything I needed. Except coffee creamer and green peppers, but I'm still calling that a success.
  4. Made lunch.
    Seven-grain pancake and turkey sausage. A healthier version of the brunch I really wanted to make. 😁
  5. Put dinner in the crockpot.
    Trying a new Pinterest recipe. Lemon herb chicken with green beans and potatoes.
  6. Did the dishes.
    Dishes by hand. My least-favorite chore. Well, my second least favorite, after emptying the dishwasher, which I also did. I think I hate that one so much because I'm too short to put away half the dishes.
  7. Got frustrated at something my cousin tagged me in on Facebook, so I decided to watch my favorite opening scene of any series ever.
    This little gem from The Newsroom: http://youtu.be/1zqOYBabXmA
  8. Sat down and enjoyed a little afternoon coffee. 😍
  9. Contemplated.
    Contemplated whether I want to do anything tonight. Thinking about going to see the movie Spotlight, but I hate leaving the house, so it's a tough call. Contemplated taking out the garbage but didn't actually do it. Contemplated posting about Donald Trump on Facebook. I don't typically post anything political on FB (or anything really, it's not my favorite social media app), but the fact that so many people are actually hoping this man is our next president is beyond comprehension. Ugh.