Inspired by @andersun - His list is much longer/more exciting, but I loved it enough to do one of my own. Sorry I'm such a boring young buck. 😝
  1. 1992 Grade School mock election - Bill Clinton
    I don't remember why I voted for Bill Clinton in my small town, Montana elementary school mock election but I did and I was so happy when he won. Record: 1-0
  2. 1996 - No one
    I was 12.
  3. 2000 - No one
    16. Still too young. I remember as the final project in my senior year of HS government class in 2002, we had to fill out the form to register to vote. I was one of only two kids that were under 18 and couldn't send it in. I was so bummed!
  4. 2004 - George W Bush
    Okay. Hear me out. First off, I was young and dumb. Second, I lived in Montana and legit am not sure I knew a single Democrat. Third, I thought since he got us into the mess in Iraq, he'd be the best one to get us out of it. Ugh. Like I said, young and dumb! Record: 2-0
  5. 2008 - Barack Obama
    I was still half a Republican at the time. I liked John McCain quite a lot, and still tend to favor the presidential candidate with military experience over the one without given the amount of control they have with our military. So I leaned towards McCain until he picked Palin as his running mate. Then I was like BIG NOPE and voted for Obama. Record: 3-0
  6. 2012 - Barack Obama
    By 2012, I was a full-on Democrat and gleefully voted for a second term for our President. My super Republican ex hairdresser (she moved, I didn't get rid of her because of her party affiliation, haha) was cutting my hair the night of the election at her house. I was with my old roommate, her and her husband. Needless to say, I was the only one happy. Ha! Record: 4-0
  7. 2016 Primary - Hillary Clinton
    I liked Bernie just fine, but very happily voted for Hills in the primary. 😊 Record: 5-0
  8. 2016 - Hillary Clinton
    Please Lord, let me go 6-0 tonight! 🙏🏽