1. For those of you that follow me on Twitter, you know I post about the Dakota Access Pipe Line protest from time to time.
  2. The state used a lot of force against the protestors the other day, so I retweeted something about what they were doing and called it disgusting.
  3. In response, I got a DM from someone I used to work with. A nice guy, with very different political opinions than I have, but still, nice guy.
  4. He said he didn't understand the protest. That the tribes had continued to skip all sort of meetings/efforts to resolve the problem.
  5. I nicely responded that he was mistaken. And filled him in on how we have gotten to the point we are at now.
    And talked about some of the steps the various tribes and people involved have taken to resolve this problem aside from just the protest.
  6. I also mentioned that the land in question was previously taken away from the Native Americans in violation of a treaty between the government and the Sioux tribe.
    Not that the government breaking treaties with Native Americans is anything new.
  7. I explained that on top of that, the Native Americans protesting (from multiple tribes, including my own) were concerned that this Reservation's water, along with lots of other water through several states, could easily be contaminated by this oil pipeline.
    The pipeline was originally supposed to be by Bismarck, ND but it was deemed too dangerous to put there so they moved it by the reservation instead. Imagine that.
  8. I also explained that part of the pipeline will go through ancient burial land. This is a big deal in our culture.
  9. His response to my nice and thought out response?
  10. Static
  11. I didn't respond to him.
  12. But if I had, I probably would have had something to say about his racist reply.
  13. Like: not all reservation land is about casinos.
    Not even most of it, in fact. Big shocker, I know!
  14. Like: even if they did want to build a casino, who the f cares?
    It's their rightful land, they can do whatever they want with it. And last time I checked, if a casino malfunctions, it doesn't contaminate hundreds of miles and lots of people's drinking water.
  15. Like: how all these white people that want to 'take back their country' and are so concerned about illegal immigrants coming in, ought to recognize.
    Because it wasn't ever their country to own.
  16. Like: if you want to talk about people using casinos to harm people in this country, maybe we should talk about the guy you're voting for in the presidential election.
  17. Ugh. I hate people.
  18. Not you guys though! ❤️