Pumpkin Carving Party Fun!

  1. We started with some apple cider mimosas!
  2. And chili, but I didn't take any pictures of that.
    I ended up going with a recipe that my roommate's coworker suggested. I found it a little boring but others liked it quite a bit.
  3. And Party of Five on TV!
    Didn't take a pic of that either. But one of the girls had never seen it and that's a travesty.
  4. And then it was time to carve!
  5. My roommate made a T-Rex.
  6. I made a ghost.
    Kinda looks like the Ghostbusters ghost. 😝
  7. One friend made a cat.
    It turned out the best.
  8. We suckered another friend into making our Green Bay G.
  9. My roommate made Clay.
  10. I tried to make Aaron.
    He was too hard.
  11. So I made a football instead.
  12. All other friends just watched. Lame. 😝
  13. And then our friend the Tyrannosaurus Rex showed up!
    To admire his pumpkin, obviously.
  14. We ate cheesecake apples.
    And drank some more. Actually, that was a continual theme.
  15. Then we lit our pumpkins!
  16. #GoPackGo
  17. And now it's time for a fire!
  18. And s'mores!
  19. And more booze!