Well, most of them anyway. The ones I remembered and cared to include. (This is long. I'm sorry. Clearly I care too much about this.)
  1. 1. Matt
    Okay, I know he was on the show for like a minute. But hear me out. First off, it's Seth Meyers. So, obviously. And second, I mean, who doesn't want to meet someone at a bookstore and then combine your purchases to get a free tote bag and then go get fro yo (with the world's most patient man). That is 100% how I would like to meet my person.
  2. 2. JJ
    Okay, again, I know he was in an episode (and like Matt, you probably don't even remember who I'm talking about). I guess this shows how I feel about Mindy's actual boyfriends. But I loved her bartender hookup. He was honest and cute and good in bed. And I wanted to see more of him.
  3. 3. Sam
    He was the best! Childhood crush comes back. Played by Seth Rogen. Funny and cute and all around fun. Serving in the military. Pretty much perfect...except, you know, not sticking around. Come back, Sam, come back!
  4. 4. Charlie
    I liked Charlie for Mindy. He was a grown up that had his life together, which was a nice change. And I like older guys. And he was hot. A little rough around the edges, and he came about in the midst of Danny/Mindy so he couldn't last, but I mean, it's Tim Daly. Of course he's top 5!
  5. 5. Matt Sherman
    Maybe he doesn't count? But I was down with Mindy's fake husband. And not just because he was played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I just thought he was super cute and they fit together super well and to be honest, an open relationship probs wouldn't be a deal breaker for me because I'm not all that good at commitment or spending a lot of time with anyone anyway.
  6. 6. Cliff
    We're to number 6 and are finally at one of Mindy's actual boyfriends. I guess Cliff was kinda dull, but he's better than the rest of her long-term loves. I supported him going away at the time, cause I was ready for the magic that was Danny and Mindy originally. But, still, I liked him and their dynamic...although, honestly, I may be remembering him as better than he was? Whatevs. Still gets the spot!
  7. 7. Jeremy
    He was just a hookup (but points for being upfront about it) and was pretty cocky and kinda skeazy at the time. But he was nice to Mindy from Day 1 (even if it was just because he wanted sex). And he is hot and has the accent and Jeremy of later seasons is wonderful! So he earns this spot.
  8. 8. Jamie
    Yes, he is obviously in love with his best friend. But it's BJ Novak, so whatevs. And his banter with Mindy was super cute! Their characters actually could've been a great match. And, again, it's @bjnovak. And he is playing a character in love with his best friend on @mindy 's show. So, yeah, top 10.
  9. 9. Alex
    I actually don't even remember all that much about this character. But he was Mindy's first and he was super cute (without the ponytail) and a smart billionaire. So, you know, I wouldn't kick him out of bed.
  10. 10. Danny
    Okay, if I had written this list last season, Danny would've been P1. (Or maybe P2 after bookstore boy, because come on!) I honestly can't even take what this character has become. I know he was always a bit sexist/jerky, but he and Mindy were so fun before they hooked up. And then they had so many perfect moments (the 1...2...3...4, his run through the city, so funny, and when he lays in the hospital bed with his red glasses and does the voices for Bridget Jones, swoon!) together.
  11. Danny (continued)
    And he's sweet Leo's dad. And I love Danny. Well, I did. Now I can't stand Danny. He thinks his career is the only one that matters? Um, NEXT PLEASE! And don't even get me started on the last episode and him sleeping with Mindy while being engaged to someone else. Gross!
  12. 11. Josh
    I actually loved Josh. I mean, okay, yes, he had another girlfriend who he lived with. And he was on a lot of drugs. And he wasn't actually all that nice. But I still loved him. Guess I have a thing for jerks, haha! Smart, accomplished, funny ones anyway. (And the whole sports agent thing spoke to me, given my career.) But given that pretty much every quality of his is bad, he couldn't be in the top 10, so 11th it is.
  13. 12. Jody
    I'm not sure I support a Mindy and Jody coupling...but at the same time, I kinda do? I like his manners. And his love for his sister. And I think he and Mindy are sweet together and I can see a lot of hilarity that could ensue from them being together. But he's another sexist jerk, so maybe let's not go down that path again? And there's no excuse for the whole not telling her about the STD thing. But, heck, let's see where it goes.
  14. 13. Jason
    Yeah, he was a bit of a snob. But at least he caught himself doing it. And they met on a plane, which my little rom com loving heart adored. Plus, the only thing cuter than Ben Feldman is Ben Feldman playing Katy Perry on a ukulele! Presh!
  15. 14. Brendan
    He is rather full of himself and completely over the top. He wasn't very nice to Mindy at times and stole their patients. But I kinda liked how ridiculous he is. And he has a lot of super sweet, lovey moments too. And he's played by Mark Duplass so that raises him from the hate column to the love/hate column.
  16. 15. Adam
    Okay, yes, he was a prostitute. But he was sweet and a great kisser and honestly, Mindy has done worse.
  17. 16. Marcus
    I don't have any reason for him being ranked this low, except that I don't really think you should date your ex's bestie. And Mindy broke up with him because she wanted to lounge around and he wanted to go, go, go. And I pretty much hate doing things, so alas, here is his spot.
  18. 17. Drew
    Drew had a lot of great qualities and I liked that he was someone different for Mindy. And I kinda always thought I would end up married to a football coach. So there's a lot to like here. But he didn't respect Mindy's role as a mother, so he gots to go (and, thus, be ranked low).
  19. 18. Dennis
    Mindy was a hot mess back when she met him (more than usual) and he was fairly nice during their date even though she was being her usual self. But then he made out with Mindy while dating someone else. And maybe it's because it was early season 1, but he's just not that memorable (with apologies to Ed Helms) so here he sits.
  20. 19. Casey
    Alright, I know. Anyone that has made it this far is only still reading to see if I forgot Casey. My law school BFF & I love TMP and talk about each episode and she LOVES Casey. Loves, loves, loves him! And so do a lot of other people. But I just never liked him. I never thought they were a good fit (probably partly b/c I was already wanting Danny & Mindy but also b/c they weren't) and then he got so stupid space cadety with his career changes. And I just can't buy into him. Sorry folks!
  21. 20. Graham
    Timothy Olyphant is great, but an adult skater boi who wants to dine and dash? No thanks.
  22. 21. Tom
    Tom is the worst! (Technically second worst according to my super scientific rankings.) I mean, Bill Hader is a delight, but this character. Ugh! He was a jerk to Mindy after their breakup and then remember him at the bar and at that frat party? What was that? And I don't remember how their sex tape ended up on the Internet, but I assume it was his fault. So, yeah, the worst!
  23. 22. Lee
    I mean, how dare The Mindy Project bring Schmidt onto their show (as an elementary school teacher, no less) and then make him awful. You're married and lying about it and hooking up with everyone? Ugh, go away.
  24. P.S.
    That all said, honestly, Morgan and Peter are life! And I care about them way more than like any of these guys (except Matt ❤️) so I can't have this list and not mention them even though they aren't Mindy hookups.
  25. Oh, and also...
    I really wanted to include Cousin Lou on this ranking but then I thought maybe I shouldn't include a guy that 1, never hooked up with Mindy, and 2, killed someone in jail, especially since he would've been in the top 10, for sure! (In other words: I love Mac and both Cousin Lou and Cliff are probably higher up in my mind than they should be because of my Sunny love. And ohmygosh can Charlie Day please come play an actual great boyfriend for my girl Mindy? Because that would be great, thanks!)