I'm currently watching Felicity for the first time (yes, I started it before finishing other shows even though I said I wouldn't...don't judge me) and I'm in season 2 and I can't stand Greg.
  1. He's so stupid and whiny.
  2. He was a total jerk to Ben.
  3. Although he came around eventually, he was originally against Felicity's sit in for the morning after pill.
  4. His hair was stupid.
    It got better, but I still hate him.
  5. Greg should be the guy I love. He's so my type.
    Future doctor, runs a student health clinic, smart, etc. But he's so smarmy and gross and the definition of white male privilege. And I want to throw up when I see him.
  6. He's running for student council president and his policies are terrible.
    I wanted to write this list two episodes ago but was like 'no, Jess, no one cares' but now he's running for student council president and he's even more terrible than usual, so I can't help myself. Who is against affirmative action, chalking and supporting student groups? Ugh, he's the worst.
  7. I literally went to IMDB to see how many episodes he's on and I'm counting down until he goes away.
    9 total episodes. I'm partway through his 6th. Only a couple more to go. Thank God!
  8. Also. He's not Ben.
  9. He's not Ben.
  10. And did I mention...
    HE'S NOT BEN!!!
  11. That's right. I'm all in on #TeamBen.
    I thought I would be Team Noel cause I'm the loser type that would be. But I'm so Team Ben. I thought maybe during season 1 I was just revolting because I didn't want to be the girl that's automatically Team Noel. But, nope, I am a card-carrying member of Team Ben. 😍😍😍