Inspired by @ShawnKelly via @joemurphy via @DG
  1. Because I grew up in Montana.
  2. Because my mom, dad, stepdad, half brother, half sister, sister and brother are all alcoholics and/or drug addicts.
    Thankfully most are solidly in recovery. And I've only lost one of them.
  3. Because I devoted too many years of my life to a company I should have left after 3.
  4. Because 9/11 happened my senior year of high school and changed my plans.
  5. Because my dad cheated on my mom with her best friend.
  6. Because I'm really good at telling other people what to do but really bad at making my own decisions.
  7. Because my mom Jedi mind tricked me into going to law school.
  8. Because I shared a room with my brother after my parents found knives under my sister's bed in the room I shared with her.
  9. Because I choose to believe in God.
    This list is sitting in my drafts folder and will someday be finished.
  10. Because I thought I had to be the mom.
  11. But also because my mom tried to beat up the principal when kids were mean to me when I first changed middle schools.
  12. Because I was thisclose to being a homeless teenager.
  13. Because my mom and I had my sister's baby for 6 months when I was 16. And my mom worked nights.
  14. But also because my sister then gave the baby to her dad and my niece moved far away.
  15. Because my first real job was at a coffee shop.
  16. Because my insane off-the-grid living, conspiracy-theory believing brother is my best friend.
  17. Because I have a biological father and a dad and a stepdad.
  18. Because I love everyone but like very few.
  19. Because my grandpa made me drink half and half instead of milk because I was too skinny.
  20. Because I fell in love with him.
  21. But also because I learned my lesson.
  22. Because my mom told me I could do anything and I had the audacity to believe it.
  23. Because I genuinely like myself.
  24. And most of all - because I didn't make my mom pick him up.
    This is a list I'll post someday. Maybe.