Reasons My 8-year-old Brother Loves Me The Most

  1. Because I give him loads of attention.
    Since I only see him a few times a year, when I'm there, I'm all in. He gets all of my focus and though he's not as young as this picture, he's still young enough to love that.
  2. Because he knows he's still my main boy, even though I have many adorable nephews.
    My 28-year-old brother is not okay with this, though, as he believes he remains my number one boy even though he gave me three nephews and loves our little bro too.
  3. Because I'm the least crazy one in our family.
    This group doesn't make that a very hard thing to achieve.
  4. Because he knows he is my favorite person to FaceTime with when I'm on with my family.
    He's doesn't even think that it could be because my mom is really bad at it and most of the time just points me at the ceiling.
  5. I'm always down to play.
    Whatever he wants to do, I'm up for it. My mom and stepdad are older than your typical 8-year-old's parents and not in the best of health, so it's very cool to him to have someone that can and will do whatever he wants when it's time to play. Also, I have a lot of energy. Sometimes too much for him. 😝
  6. I take him on adventures.
    I'm not very outdoorsy, but for him, I try to be. We love to go explore together. And when I do make our adventures indoors, I pick fun ones like go-karting or laser tag or the arcade.
  7. Because I'm really good at the games on My Talking Tom.
    Especially the memory game. It blows his mind. I always win him lots of coins and that's probably the only electronic game I'm better at than he is. We like to sit rightnext to each other and play.
  8. Because I drive a reasonable speed.
    My mom likes to speed and it stresses him out. I like to drive 76-78 and the speed limit in Montana is 80, so he thinks I drive nice and slow.
  9. I love board games. And sometimes he does too.
    He especially likes the game of Life, which was my favorite when I was little too. Here's a gem from one of our recent games. He definitely has my self esteem! 😊
  10. Because I'm not married and don't have kids.
    Unlike everyone else in my family, he LOVES this about me! From time-to-time he likes to ask when I'm getting married or having a baby and when I respond with 'probably never, Warsy' he gets SO HAPPY!
  11. Because I'm really good at picking presents.
  12. And I really like to shop.
  13. Because I don't treat him like a dumb little kid. But I also don't treat him like a grown up.
    Because he's around adults all the time, I think people forget that he's a kid sometimes. I let him be a kid, but I also let him be independent and make up his own mind about things. (I was not the one that gave him a scratch off lottery ticket, in case that was not clear, haha!)
  14. Because he believes (read: knows) that I'm the smartest person in our family.
    And he wants to grow up and go to college just like me.
  15. Because I taught him how to ride his bike without training wheels in about 10 minutes.
    After he'd been trying to learn all summer.
  16. Because he thinks I have good taste in music.
    I don't.
  17. And TV shows.
    I do.
  18. Because when I buy him silly Christmas jammies to wear, I get some for myself too.
    We love holiday jammies in this family!
  19. Because I'm always up for an ice cream date.
  20. Because I let him be himself.
    Want to wear my high heels? Sure, have at it buddy.
  21. And I don't believe in gender stereotypes.
    I love Ariel too, Bubba.
  22. Cause I bought War the card game War and he thought it was the coolest thing ever.
  23. Because I don't mind dressing up for Halloween.
    Even if dressing up only means putting on cat ears. 😁
  24. Or having joint birthday parties.
    He was 4 and I was 28.
  25. But mostly, I think he loves me most because Pinterest makes me look really, really cool.
  26. Not actually a Pinterest recipe/idea, but he was still pretty impressed. 😝