1. I live with two friends of mine. I've lived with Roommate 1 for 5 years. Roommate 2 moved in with us in January.
  2. Most of the time, I love them. I consider both to be amongst my closest friends. I know I can always rely on them and I think they are genuinely good people.
  3. I also find them both easy to live with, though they don't think that of one another.
    I'm really easy to live with, if I do say so myself. I pretty well am in my own world all the time, but I am good at advice when needed and normally up for fun. I'm also just a really laid-back personality. So while they both have really strong personalities and have opinions about everything, I'm just like whatevs. It also takes a whole lot to ever make me even the littlest bit mad, while they both get feisty pretty easily. So I'm definitely the chill one at our house.
  4. Roommate 1 is stunningly beautiful, inside and out.
    And she sees the beauty in everyone and everything. She is sweet and honestly one of the best friends I've ever seen. She cares about everyone in her life so much and always goes above and beyond. She also is really good at sharing wine.
  5. Roommate 2 is really funny.
    She makes me laugh all the time. She also gives really sound advice and always wants me to be living my best life. She isn't scared of anything and is adventurous and fun. She also forces me to engage with the world and even though I hate it sometimes, I appreciate it when I know I need a dose of that in my life.
  6. That all said. I have to complain about them for a second. 😉
  7. Roommate 1 is REALLY bad at loading the dishwasher.
    Not in that she doesn't do it, but in that she loads it really terribly. Everyday I go behind her and reload it. She also doesn't always put the dishes away correctly, but in her defense, Roommate 2 didn't let anyone else have any say in where the dishes went once we moved in April. So I guess No. 1 may be revolting against the tyranny when she puts things away wherever she feels like. 😝
  8. Roommate 1 is also super loud when she talks on the phone.
    And she talks on the phone constantly (part of her being such a great friend is that she genuinely talks to several of her friends on the phone every single day). Like so loud that with her bedroom door closed, and my bedroom door closed, and us on different levels of the house, I can still hear every word of her conversation. This bothers me much less than the dishwasher, but causes Roommate 2 to complain to me daily, which makes it seem more annoying.
  9. But those are just some silly complaints. My real problem currently is with Roommate 2.
  10. Y'all. She voted for Donald Trump.
    And I can't even deal with it.
  11. I'm trying to be reasonable and calm and be all 'everyone is entitled to their own political opinions, even if you disagree with them,' but I'm strugglingggggg.
    Normally I'm all for open discourse and people having varying opinions. I love everyone, even if we vehemently disagree on policies. But this year is different. It's not political differences, it's moral ones. It's voting for a woman you may or may not like (I personally like her but understand why some people don't) or voting for a truly disgusting man who couldn't care less about the laws of our country. So, I'm struggling.
  12. I honestly don't know that I can have any respect for or understanding of any woman voting for Trump.
    I know that sounds harsh. And potentially anti-democracy or anti-American even? I don't know. But I'm having a super hard time with it and her right now.
  13. Anyway. I'll be fine eventually, I assume. Thanks for letting me vent in the meantime.
    I heart you guys. Even if you do vote for Trump. *shudder*