1. I know y'all did @list Secret Santa last year, but it was before my time.
  2. I know we have more people on li.st now, but I would love to do it again this year.
  3. And I think many of you would be into it too!
    Look at how much of a hit the college kid care package idea by @amieshmamie was this fall!
  4. I'm happy to coordinate.
    I have a lot of free time these days, haha! And I'm a total Christmas-aholic!
  5. But. That said. Without relist and trending, etc, I'm not sure how to get this info out there?
    I have a big-enough for me but not huge following on here. And as we've all talked about, it's kinda hard to connect on List these days.
  6. I mean, heck, someone else could already be planning and I could have just missed it?
  7. So. I'm open to suggestions/thoughts?
    Are people interested in doing this again? Any ideas on how best to get the word out/make it work?
  8. Hopefully we can make it happen!
  9. Edited to add: as soon as I posted this list, I saw one by @DawnCloud saying she was planning to coordinate something this year.
    So, you know, never mind. Carry on folks. 😝