But I'm great at lurking. And here are some of my favorite people to follow that y'all should follow too. Because I legit love every list they post. ❤️❤️❤️ (If you follow little old me, you probably already follow these superstars but just in case...here you go!)
  1. @ShawnKelly
    Her lists are just so funny and so relatable and so 💯. And her fashion lists are 🔥🔥🔥! Sample: https://li.st/ShawnKelly/get-the-look-me-on-a-blind-date-that-isn-t-going-particularly-well-0PKzprFNma0jFrzXqckVdG
  2. Her lists always make me think. And smile. She's created some great dialogues on li.st. Sample: QUESTIONS FOR LISTERS WHO ARE FROM A COUNTRY OTHER THAN THE U.S.
  3. His lists, especially the political ones, always crack me up. Sample: [🇺🇸] THINGS PRESIDENT OBAMA GOT FOR HIS BIRTHDAY THIS YEAR
  4. She has a wonderful mix of lists, from silly ones about TV shows to honest and real conversations about her life to poignant lists about being black in America. She's amazing. Sample: Worst Parts of the DOJ Report of Baltimore's PD, Ranked
  5. Her lists always just touch my heart. She is sweet and funny and has this way of making everyone feel loved. Comments from her are like virtual hugs! ❤️ Sample: I See You 🌟
  6. Like me, she doesn't post that often. But when she does, unlike me, her lists are this perfect mix of super relatable, true and so funny. Sample: How Happy I Am For My Exes
  7. I like her lists about politics. And even though I don't have/plan to have kids, I also really enjoy her lists about being a mom. ❤️ Sample: The best parenting advice I've received
  8. I am in no way being over the top when I say his lists about his mom give me life! ❤️ Sample: Things that make my mother the legendary Rocco
  9. Her lists are normally really sweet and light, which can be a nice change from some of the heavier lists here. And she just seems so dang nice...probably because she's Canadian. Speaking of, I definitely am not just including her in hopes of being able to move in with her if Donald becomes President. But that would be nice. 😉 Sample: FICTIONAL CHARACTERS WITH WHOM I IDENTIFY
  10. I kinda want to marry this guy. Like, sure, his lists are super funny and he seems really cool. And he actually lists about sports, which makes me happy because not many people I follow do so. But, also, I just want to be a member of his family. They seem awesome! I mean, look at the text exchange in this list! Sample: https://li.st/aus10/my-li-stfession-0bULiSm0wSdZ8CcwmHKqfT
  11. Honestly this list could be 100-people long. But I don't have all day. 😝