Inspired by @bjnovak via @supercommonname and ranked by how much I want to cross them off this list.
  1. Hawaii
    I was supposed to go with my parents to celebrate graduating from law school but never have been able to coordinate a time with them. Someday!
  2. Alaska
    My mom's best friend from high school lives in Alaska now and she visits her often. I need to join her one of these times! I imagine it's like Montana but even prettier and less populated.
  3. Louisiana
    I mean, I mostly want to go to New Orleans to meet Nick and Holly from Nightwatch.
  4. Vermont
    I've been to New Hampshire many times for work and always meant to hit Vermont to cross it off the list, but I never did.
  5. Connecticut
    I don't remember ever going to Connecticut but honestly, I could have and just forgotten.
  6. Rhode Island
    This is the part in the list where I no longer care if I ever visit this state. No particular reason for Rhode Island.
  7. Nebraska
    Reason: seems boring.
  8. Arkansas
    Reason: seems lame.
  9. Mississippi
    Reason: seems racist.