Inspired by @DCB - Not sure that this list is exactly what you were looking for, sir, but nonetheless here are my three 'things' you trendsetter you. 😉
  1. Love.
    But not like relationship love. That's not so much my thing. Just a genuine love for our world and everyone and everything in it. To me, Christianity boils down to loving God and loving other people. So, I work really hard at loving people and admire others that do it well.
  2. Justice.
    Maybe it's the (non-practicing) lawyer in me, but justice is huge for me. I know, the world isn't fair. But I wish it were. I'm just one person, sure, but I don't think I'll ever stop fighting for equality and justice for everyone.
  3. Knowledge.
    We live in a time and a place where it is so easy to learn about anything and everything. Information is all around us and I'm constantly on a quest to better myself and learn more about things I don't understand.
  4. Bonus not-as-serious answer: perfect weather.
    There's just something about a beautiful sunshiney day that isn't at all cold but also isn't super hot. Especially if it ends with a pretty sunset. On days like that (today was one of them in Charlotte), nothing can get me down.