1. I wish I had checked the name of the polish I picked for my pedicure last week.
    It's this perfect fall wine color OPI polish and I just love it so much.
  2. Was the potato corn chowder I made actually blah or did it just taste blah because I'm sick?
  3. Is my pumpkin going to turn out?
    I'm hosting a pumpkin-carving party tomorrow and probably going to make a fool of myself.
  4. Why don't I like making my bed when I love sleeping in a newly-made bed?
  5. Am I ever going to feel better?
    😷😷😷😷😷😷😷 - Starting week 2 of being super sick. Yay me!
  6. How many Garth concerts is too many Garth concerts?
    Next month, my best friend and I are going to our 4th show together (and my 5th, as I saw him in Chicago without her...sorry friend) since he went back on tour.
  7. Should I just delete myself off their GroupMe?
    I'm still on the company GroupMe for the agency I left back in May. I know they'll all get a notification that says I deleted myself, but I'm so tired of getting their updates.
  8. Yayyyyyyy NYC!
    My law school bestie and I are planning a trip there in January. By then, it'll be two years since my last trip there so it's definitely time to go back!
  9. Related: Hamilton tickets are sooooo expensive. Ugh!
  10. I love my crock pot so much!
    It's almost in the running for best appliance, along with my kitchenaid mixer!
  11. Is 4:30 too late to take a (second) nap?
    I'm exhausted.