Also known as: Why I'm Still Laying In Bed at 2:00 p.m.
  1. Jell-O shots.
    They tasted great actually but I HATE the texture of jello. One was bad enough but I think I had three. 🙈
  2. Mysterious Drink #3.
    Pretty sure this one had tonic in it and that is not my jam at all.
  3. My pregame other wine.
    Not as good as my favorite, but it was fine.
  4. Beer.
    I don't particularly like beer but the sketchy karaoke bar we love has terrible wine and I typically stay away from their liquor drinks. They were out of the Amber ale I usually get there but whatever kind they gave me instead was good.
  5. Mysterious Drink #2.
    I didn't plan to drink liquor, since I'd already had wine and beer but things went off the rails at some point. I think it was lemonade and vodka and something else. Tasty.
  6. Mysterious Drink #1.
    Not so mysterious, friend who bought it for me. But I'm a sucker for pineapples, so I like Malibu, pineapple and cranberry juice just fine.
  7. Water.
    I'm always a good girl and drink lots of water whenever I drink booze.
  8. My pregame favorite wine.
    I forgot I had left a bottle at my friend's house last time I was over.
  9. My pre-pregame iced coffee.