Inspired by the OG @BWN_7 and some others.
  1. Friends.
    People love me. 🙃
  2. Dessert.
    I'm a decent (but boring) cook but a rather good baker.
  3. My point.
    And people tell me law school was a waste since I don't want to ever practice. 😉
  4. Lattes.
    I worked at a coffee shop in my teens and still can make a lovely latte (and other coffee drinks) but suck at making a normal pot of coffee. 😂
  5. Changes.
    I'm good at making big changes in my life and I am always on a quest to become a better version of myself.
  6. My little brother smile.
    He's the best.
  7. Bodies disappear.
    Just kidding. I would be terrible at that. I have no upper body strength or chill.