Inspired by the fact that I wore a hoodie yesterday, which is very not on brand for me.
  1. Buying a ton of non-fiction books but reading my same fave chick lit books over and over.
  2. Putting on Chapstick 400 times a day.
  3. Judging movies and TV shows that have lawyer characters.
    Like. They get it so wrong. I can't handle it.
  4. Throwing a little braid into my hot mess bun so it looks like I put in some effort when I actually didn't.
  5. Starting things but not finishing them.
    Books, Italian Rosetta Stone, TV series on Netflix & Hulu, my career. 😝
  6. Loving people.
    Admittedly, some more than others. 😉
  7. Ignoring my phone while I pay attention to people.
    But also ignoring people while I pay attention to my phone.
  8. Going months without wearing pants.
    Dresses and leggings for the win!
  9. Going to Target, spending lots of money and forgetting to buy what I actually came to get.
  10. Talking to myself in my car.
  11. Finding fun recipes on Pinterest to try and then not liking them because I'm super picky.
  12. Sleeping in.