During Hillary Clinton's nomination acceptance speech.
  1. Y'all. I'm already crying and it's still Chelsea speaking.
    What a beautiful tribute to her mom.
  2. Are you trying to kill me?
    How am I supposed to get through this video without crying when Morgan Freeman is narrating?
  3. Fight song!
    Girl, I really do hope you have a lot of fight left in you. We're going to need it!
  4. Michelle Obama
    Though I'd like our country to get to a point where a woman can run for President without first being married to one, I am ALL IN for a Michelle Obama run.
  5. I remember being disappointed that Hillary stayed with Bill back in the day.
    But now I'm chill. Who am I to judge their relationship? And seeing him with tears in his eyes beaming with pride at his wife right now is pretty great.
  6. My mom just called me. ❤️
    She's a Republican (anti Trump though), but she still wanted to share this moment with me! And now I'm crying again. She always told me I could do anything, but to all the little girls that don't have a mother telling them that, let them look at this moment and believe it anyway!
  7. Amen to the 'we don't believe anyone that says I alone can fix it.'
    'Really? I alone can fix it?' Love this shade!!!
  8. She just accepted the nomination!
    And I am full on CRYING! 😭
  9. The first time a major party has nominated a woman for president!
    I'm still crying!
  10. When there are no ceilings, the sky's the limit!
  11. Hill, if you win, please get me some more RBGs on the Supreme Court! Please, please, please!
  12. Loving this 'JOIN US!' part.
    Yes, people, join us!!!
  13. '70-odd minutes and I do mean odd.'
    The shade!!! Dying!
  14. Texting with my law school BFF and she just said: Hillary has me ready to go marching in the streets yelling her name.
    She wasn't too sold on her before this (though was obviously still going to vote for her over Donald) but now is all in! Hillary is really doing so much better than I expected tonight! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
  15. Deal Me In!
    That line just doesn't get old for me.
  16. Don't boo. Vote!
    Yes, please, listen to POTUS! Donald doesn't just go away. We have to vote!!!
  17. Hill, you are legit killing this!
    I'm so proud!
  18. Everything she is saying about Donald is so on point!
    And I'm going to need a gif of her face when she said 'No, Donald, you don't.'
  19. You guys! I'm so pumped right now!
  20. Oh. And now a text from my mom. ❤️
    Quote (well, with spelling/grammar fixed, you're welcome, haha): Jess, you are really something! I want you to see a woman in the White House in your lifetime, and I want to see YOU in the White House in mine!
  21. I'm not even mad that I won't be the first woman President of the United States. I can settle for second or third place on that one. 😉