Inspired by @bjnovak and all you other cool cats. And yes, as per usual, I'm a day behind.
  1. Woke up but didn't get out of bed.
    Because that's what I do.
  2. Decided I needed to get up and close my windows since today is going to be pretty warm.
  3. Got back in bed.
  4. Read for awhile.
    Book of the Day: The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace.
  5. Got up for reals and made coffee.
  6. Laughed and took this picture when I opened the fridge to get coffee creamer.
    Last night one of my roommates decided the three of us should have one shelf each instead of everyone sharing them all (the other roommate ate her cottage cheese and she was mad, haha). Clearly one of us (me) needs to go grocery shopping.
  7. Had some breakfast.
    Biscuits and gravy. I'm normally not a big fan but it sounded good so I made some the other day and had leftovers today. Still good. 👍🏼
  8. Sat on my couch, sipping coffee and catching up on and Snapchat.
  9. Looked up recipes on Pinterest.
    I said I would bring a side dish to a BBQ tomorrow but my first three options (pasta salad, baked beans, deviled eggs) were all taken so now I'm trying to decide what else to bring. Thinking maybe broccoli salad or an apple slaw.
  10. Got ready for a pool party.
    Sorta thought about skipping it because I've got to be social tomorrow too and two days in a row is a lot for me. But then my friend's 3-year-old sent me a video about how excited she is to see me today, so I couldn't let her down.
  11. Went and let a friend's puppy out and hung out with him for awhile.
  12. Went to said pool party.
  13. Put on sunscreen.
    This takes about 30 minutes because I'm ridiculously white.
  14. Sat on the edge of the pool and cuddled with the cutest little chunky 6-month-old baby boy.
    Sorry, didn't take a picture of him.
  15. Hot tubbed.
  16. Had a dance party with two 3-year-old girls.
  17. Drank some wine.
  18. Turned down a makeover courtesy of this cutie.
  19. Had dinner.
  20. Played on the swing set.
  21. Went back to feed cute puppy dinner and hang some more.
  22. And now I'm going to go to the store, get supplies for whatever side dish I settle on (and stuff for my famous strawberry shortcake cupcakes) and go home and start cooking.
  23. All in all, not a bad day.