TV Shows I Watch Every Time They're On TV

Inspired by myself. 😉 (Movie list: Movies I Watch Every Single Time They're On TV)
  1. Chopped
    Preferably just a normal episode, adults or kids, but I'll even watch the stupid theme ones.
  2. Worst Cooks In America
    Preferably a celeb edition.
  3. Kids Baking Championship & Food Network Star Kids
    These kids are amazing! Like, honestly, how are they so good at this?
  4. House Hunters
    Even though I literally hate* everyone on this show.
  5. House Hunters International
    Even though I normally hate* these people even more than the regular house hunters.
  6. Tiny House Hunters
    Even though I hate* these people more than the international and regular house hunters combined.
  7. Island Hunters
    These are probably my least-hated* hunters. They're usually pretty chill. Probably because they're not actually checking out the houses enough to complain about the paint color, which is the easiest thing to fix everrrrr, or better yet, there are no houses at all.
  8. Beachfront Bargain Hunt
    Not sure if I hate* these people less or the water views just calm me down.
  9. Basically, I only watch Food Network and HGTV.
  10. Oh. And The Price Is Right.
  11. *I don't actually hate anyone.
    But I'm writing this list while sick and feeling a little extra sassy. 💁🏼 And while I don't actually hate them, I do maintain that HGTV 'hunters' are the worst.