With apologies to @BWN_7 for not taking into consideration their lame off-site rental car pickup/return.
  1. I spend a decent amount of time at the Denver airport.
    Whenever I fly home, I fly through Denver.
  2. And I love layovers here.
    Though 8 hours today is a bit much.
  3. It's not perfect.
    My only real complaint is that there are two Starbucks in the entire airport and they're literally a minute apart from one another, in the very end of Terminal B. What is up with that?
  4. Last month when I was here and today, I flew in and out of Terminal A.
    But the commute to Terminal B is always worth it. And yes, I made the trek to the end for Starbucks and that was also worth it.
  5. First off - they already had a ton of restaurant options and then they added a Chick-fil-A.
    And, okay, I'm not supposed to eat there anymore because I'm not supporting companies with terrible political views. But it's legit the only fast food I like, so it's hard to let go. I may have given in and had breakfast there. (Y'all. I don't like biscuits and chicken for breakfast totally creeps me out, but their chicken minis are somehow amazing.)
  6. And they also have Modmarket, where I'm currently eating lunch/dinner.
    You've probably never heard of it, because they're only in Colorado and Texas, but Modmarket is the best airport restaurant in the entire country, in my not-so-humble opinion. It's not fancy, and the menu is limited but it's amazing. Even if they did get rid of Boxed Water. Boo!
  7. Their food is all super fresh (comes from local farmers) and delish. I always get the Farmer Salad. (Without feta and dressing because I'm boring.)
    It is literally my perfect salad. All my favorite things and they separate the food, which makes me happy! Their Green Chicken Chili soup is also stellar. I'm sure other things are great too, but I've only had those two.
  8. But DEN has a lot of other wonderful things besides food.
    The upstairs of the center of Terminal B is my favorite place to hang.
  9. They have a massage place that I really like.
    I try to stop in any time I have a long-enough layover. I've only ever disliked one masseuse there. He was a guy recently out of the military who was not very nice but still wanted to talk the entire time. And the next day I had bruises all over, so yeah, not a fan of him. But everyone else has been lovely!
  10. It has free WIFI that actually works well!
  11. Their shopping has gotten a lot better in recent years too!
    They even have a Mac store, which makes me super happy!
  12. But today's gem (and the reason for this list) was the Tattered Cover Book Store.
    Which had this book on display today. 😁 Just because I don't cuss doesn't mean I don't enjoy swearing used as an apt description from time-to-time.
  13. And - bonus pic - look at this guy, sitting all proper! 😍