Y'all! I am ALL IN on Christmas already!

  1. This is what I wore to bed last night.
  2. I woke up to find the Christmas tree already up today!
    Good job, roommate.
  3. And things just went a little crazy from there!
  4. I started playing this album on repeat!
  5. And this one too!
    Thanks for the recommendation, @veshecco! So good!
  6. I put out my holiday kitchen towels, because that marks the beginning of a new holiday season for me.
  7. And the wine reindeer came out to play!
  8. And then my roommate and I decided to go buy some Christmas candles at Bath & Body.
    Not gonna lie. The Black Tie candle does smell amazinggggg.
  9. And then we did a little more shopping and decorated most of our house. Oops.
  10. Say hello to our new mantle.
    Sorry for the dark pic. Our living room has a super high ceiling and needs more lights.
  11. And our adorable front door.
    We have the cutest little general store down the road from our house and they have pumpkins at Halloween and trees and wreaths at Christmas. This one is gorgeous and smells so good! And of course it needed a Santa bow, because come on. 😁
  12. Oh, and don't forget about our little cubby in the entryway.
  13. And our loft banister.
  14. And the stair banister.
  15. And the end table we had to move for our tree to be in place.
    This will also have a few little sleigh bells once we buy some more.
  16. Honestly, I can't even promise that I'm close to being done decorating though.
    Addiction is real, y'all.
  17. Also! Attention crafty friends!
    Do any of you make signs? I'm looking for a 'Making Spirits Bright' sign to put in our bar area. I found a chalkboard printout one on Etsy that I could frame but thought I would check with y'all before I bought it. Would rather support a friend than some random person. 😉 And originally was looking more for a sign than a printout that would need to go in a frame.