Inspired by my lovely @Boogie (and many other people she inspired too, cause she's a Queen like that). A couple days late, as always!
  1. I'm swearing.
    I have nothing against cussing. I just don't do it. (But, honestly, the forthcoming Trump presidency may cause me to start, so maybe not the best barometer for the next four years.)
  2. I come home and don't immediately put on comfy clothes. Even though I was probably already wearing pretty comfy clothes to begin with.
  3. You ask if I want to stop for coffee and I say no.
  4. I don't know anything about sports.
  5. The weather is warm and I go a whole week without wearing a dress.
  6. I pass by a mirror or store window and don't stop and smile at myself.
  7. I don't have strong political opinions.
  8. We go to one of my regular restaurants and I order something new instead of my usual.
  9. I use the same purse for a whole week.
  10. I don't ask to hold your baby.