Having most of my work projects off-site and all of my family out of state, I listed some of the places I visited this year
  1. Lake Tahoe / Reno
    I borrowed $50 in chips only to win it back + $400 at the blackjack table. No big deal. This pic is of the neighbors lights next to our Airbnb.
  2. New York, New York
    Hello, NY Fashion Week. Even though I lived in this city for a good chunk of time, I've had more exciting experiences as a visitor. I can honestly say, this visit has changed me for the better. This was my first time producing events for NYFW. I was legit able to achieve a childhood dream!
  3. Atlanta, Georgia
    More fashion-show-work stuff but finally was able to check out this intriguing lively city. Also, dinner at St. Cecilia was 💯
  4. Atlanta, Georgia continued
    The dream team against a background of models.
  5. Santa Barbara & Solvang
    Couples trip with my other Persian girl/White dude duo. We drank wine, brunched, and walked on lovely beaches. UPDATE: my coupledom has since concluded but the other duo is still going strong!
  6. Oakland & Berkley
    I visited my ever talented BFF, Ottessa Moshfegh, before she departed her residency at Stanford to head back east to continue her fabulous life while impressing the world with her talent. Google her and buy her book, she's cute and smart AND just so happens to be a NYT Editor's select
  7. Toronto & Montreal
    I missed the Grand Prix but it was still nice to visit my favorite city, Montreal. I always wonder where my life would have taken me if I had accepted my offer to McGill...le sigh...
  8. Boston
    Because summer, that's why!
  9. Portland, Maine
    My home-state i.e. the whitest state in the country (don't fact check me). Still the best seafood on the planet!
  10. Portland, Maine continued
    Cousin pile. I was sitting there first.
  11. Portland, Maine continued
    I lightly mentioned that I don't waste my time/money on hair cuts to one of my 15 aunts and she quickly roped in her brother to tag-team remedy this issue for me. Apparently they found my frizzed up mane offensive.
  12. Baltimore, Maryland
    Because the universe likes to use my life as a chew toy sometimes, that's why. I was stranded here after the Air Marshall shut down ALL east coast flights. ALL of them! Ive never had a flight cancelled on a layover and credited $24 to get back home to LA. It took me 3 days to find an available flight and about ($2k). It's ok, bc I got to stay at my aunt and uncle's and hang with the kiddos!
  13. Baltimore, Maryland continued
    How cute is he?
  14. Phoenix & Tucson, Arizona
  15. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
    My 19 year old brothers found the first bar that would serve them, then spent all their money on stupid shit.
  16. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico continued
    Dad enjoyed his beers too. All I did was eat fish tacos. ALL the fish tacos.
  17. Mazatlan, Mexico
  18. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
    This is a hidden gem. If you haven't been, I suggest you go ASAP! Rent a house with a private chef and bring 10 of your closest frenemies...or loved ones, your choice!
  19. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico continued
  20. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico continued
    my little brother
  21. But...
    Still doesn't feel like I've done much, maybe because 2014 had me home a total of 2 months but I still had a blast!
  22. Here's to 2016 bringing even more adventures!