1. Atlantic beaches are my favorite.
  2. Driving to the lake
    The sun trying to peak through the trees always feels comforting to me. Like home.
  3. Canoes
    Ever met a Persian who could take you on a canoeing adventure? Come to think of it, ever met a Persian from Maine?! 👋🏽
  4. If you don't have access to a boat in Maine, you may die from claustrophobia. Thankfully, everyone is about 1 degree away from a boat...and a truck, a tent, some lobster, an LL Bean discount, etc. etc.
  5. Fleetwood House
    Kevin's dad's BnB
  6. Lobster traps
    This photo looks staged but it wasn't. I stumbled across this on my way to a friend's ocean front home in Scarborough.
  7. Portland Headlight
    Is there really anything prettier than this? When I think of home, this place always comes to mind.
  8. This is down the street from the house where I grew up. Isn't it so prettyful?
  9. This drove by me on my way to Freeport. I screamed when I saw this and almost drove off the turnpike. I believe that is a moose or a deer. They must be from the North.
  10. A bit about our women...
  11. They put potatoes in their doughnuts
  12. They do art
  13. *le sigh
  14. Blurry but you get the gist
  15. No list would be complete without these guys