Albums that changed my life

Growing up the youngest of 11 kids, music has always been my life. Obsessing over New York Dolls when I was 5, singing Joe Walsh's "Life's been good " at age 7 & making my friend walk down the aisle at her imaginary wedding to Kashmir by Led Zeppelin when we were 10. Music has always been & will always be the cherry on top of my defining moments.
  1. Love Gun : Kiss
    First album I ever bought. Just because I liked the cover.
  2. Whip-smart : Liz Phair
    Has been my favourite number one of all time since 1995. Beginning to end brilliance.
  3. Why Do Birds Sing : Violent Femmes
    2nd Fave of all time.
  4. Bone Machine : Tom Waits
    Unlike anything I was into at the time.
  5. Some Kind of Wonderful: Soundtrack
    My Fave. Soundtrack of all time
  6. Quatro : Suzi Quatro
    She was my first female kick ass role model.
  7. Rio : Duran Duran
    Underrated in my opinion.
  8. Fishing in the Fountain of Youth: The Rhinos
    One of the biggest reasons my 20- nothings was so much fun!
  9. Parallel Lines : Blondie
    My sister would sing the line "moochie mistrust" during Heart of Glass. Cracks me up.
  10. Crowded House : Crowded House
    Fun Fact: owned this on 3 formats: Vinyl, Cassette Tape & C.D.
  11. Five Hundred Pounds : Big Sugar
    Stood front row at a Big Sugar show and could not take my eyes off his hands. Gordie Johnson sure knows how to play guitar.
  12. Beautiful Girls : Soundtrack
    Got into this because of the Afghan Whigs, love the entire CD. Suffering by Satchel kills me.
  13. Love Junk : The Pursuit of Happiness
    I'm An Adult Now was being played on the radio when I turned 18.
  14. Too Dumb to Quit : Jr. Gone Wild
    Local band I loved.
  15. Mother's Milk : Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Nobody in my hometown even heard of them when I was really into this.