Inspired by @JSim07
  1. My name is Lorre.
    Rhymes with DOOR, not Story.
  2. I am Canadian
    But I don't have a hockey team that I cheer for at the moment. If this gets out I might be deported so don't tell too many people.
  3. Music is my Life.
    It is my saviour, my best friend, my most constant companion. It Holds me up and never lets me down.
  4. I love Beer.
    Wish you were Beer.
  5. I have Leporiphobia.
    It is the fear of Rabbits. Go ahead and laugh at me, everybody else does.
  6. Trying to be positive
    Going to keep my LISTS to things I like but I will say there are a few things I dislike immensely: Curly Fries, windy days, the phrase 'love you to the moon and back', when you're falling asleep and you have one them body jerks that wakes you up, Turkey ( the bird kind not the Country), most sequels, and forgetting to turn my alarm off on my days off.
  7. Baking Soda is the best invention ever!
    I use it for many things. Brushing my teeth, in my bath water, washing my face, a teaspoon in my water for an upset stomach.
  8. I love Black nail polish.
  9. Pop cultured.
    Grew up on TV, radio & movies.
  10. I read Movie Credits.
    I get extreme satisfaction from reading movie credits.
  11. Speaking of Credit...
    I got a thank you in the liner notes of a cd. Check out the album Ghost Light by Royal Wood. He thanks lil' ol' Me!
  12. I love to cook.
    This is a most recent revelation / discovery. Baking however can go suck a duck!
  13. Nicest Celebrity I have ever met.
    Kim Coates from Sons of Anarchy. Coolest guy ever!!!
  14. Worst assumption about me.
    That I do drugs. I don't even smoke pot. Some people have assumed I know where to score drugs or when they say " I thought you did [fill in the blank with whatever drug the people are doing nowadays.] " I don't want to say it hurts my feelings but I'd rather be kicked in the face cuz THAT seems less painful.
  15. I miss my Rainbow Hair.
  16. Three things I don't like to talk about.
    Sex, Religion and Politics.
  17. Best compliment I've ever received.
    On a job site back in the day when I was a Swamper and I was doing safety watch for my co-worker. During a break he was covered in oil so I handed him his cigarette, lit it for him and handed him an open bottle of water. The vac truck driver says to my co-worker " you have quite the assistant" and my co-worker says, "Lorre is fucking awesome"
  18. Best present I've ever received.
    When my niece Nikki raided her Mom's garden and gave me a handful of Kohlrabies because " I know they're your favourite" I cried for years over that.
  19. I'm still single because:
    I am picky. I don't change my persona or likes to suit you; either you like Me for Me or you don't. It takes me forever to realize I am being hit on & then it morphs into a missed opportunity, I am not aggressive, I don't believe in dating sites, and Jake Ryan ruined most men for me. He set that bar in my teenage heart way too high.
  20. Love to dance, but not very good at it.
  21. You haven't heard it all,
    But you've heard enough. For now.