1. Princess Leia
    Of course everyone thinks of her in this role.
  2. Postcards From The Edge
    I read this so many times. The poem at the beginning, "oh wow now I've done it, I've made a mess. I feel a fool, I feel obsessed. When we get to the good part, will I have something to wear. I know my hearts in the right place cuz I hid it there" (paraphrased from memory) loved it!
  3. So many roles in Pop Culture
  4. But My story is from earlier this year.
    Carrie Fisher was a guest at the Edmonton Expo.
  5. Static
    I didn't do an autograph or photo op. I did however attend her panel.
  6. Static
    I was front row. She was entertaining & the crowd loved her.
  7. Static
    A guy in the audience asked her what is one mistake people make when writing scripts. To which I said, very much out loudly "ooh that's a good question" Panel host Tanner Zee then looked in my direction & I was mortified that I was so vocal.
  8. Static
    I have no idea if she heard me. I hope somebody somewhere has the panel on tape. You should all see it, she was one of a kind.
  9. Static
    To leave you with the last few lines from a poem from Postcards from The Edge. "I'm just a flash, and the world is my pan. Have a Nice Day"
  10. Thank you.