Come November, if Your American Heart wants to move Canada🇨🇦I'll marry ya. I'd be a Great Wife.

God Forbid IT happens. But just incase, You can marry me & live here. And these are the reasons why this could be awesome for You.
  1. (DISCLAIMER) I made this in June of 2016, but never published it. I reconsidered because I didn't want to make it seem like some Goofy Canadian Chick was making fun of your Election. I didn't mean to make light of your plight/ situation. I wish you well. No disrespect intended. Much ❤️, Lorre.
  2. Alberta
    You get to live here.
  3. Banff Alberta
    And we are thisclose to this :
  4. I am Easy Going
    Chill AF
  5. I have Great taste in Music
  6. My Liquor shelf is always stocked.
  7. I can cook.
  8. Funny
    My friends say I have a good sense of humour
  9. You can have your space
  10. The Clichés
    Health Care, hockey culture, poutine...
  11. Gay Marriage
    Woman or Man, don't matter. I can marry both sexes legally here! (I am heterosexual woman but if you are kind enough & someone I could live with, I don't care if you are LBGT or a hetero man or woman.)
  12. You don't have to say You Love Me
    I'm good thanks.
  13. Coffee Crisp
    Best Chocolate Bars are everywhere.
  14. Wedding Presents
    We'll make out like bandits in Wedding gifts! Haven't you always wanted a sterling silver gravy boat & a new 4 slice toaster?!?