Inspired by @k8zinker & @SarahMoore
  1. Hitting Snooze Button A Lot
    Like nine times
  2. Morning Coffee Cravings
    At least 2-3 cups
  3. Silence hurts your Ears.
    You will be playing your I-Pod constantly
  4. Internal Eye Roll
    When your friends get into a new relationship and they have to keep bringing up their new Boyfriend/Girlfriend into the conversation, "speaking of Pigeons, "Dave" hates poutine." Umm, we were talking about pencil skirts. You will do an eye roll in your mind.
  5. "Oh come on."
    What you will say when technology is slow. Eg: if your toast isn't popping up fast enough for your liking.
  6. Toothpaste Hell
    Toothpaste will make you gag almost every time.
  7. Right Side Head Tilt
    When thinking, your head will shift to the right side as you ponder.
  8. Movie Spoilers
    For some reason people just LOVE to tell you the ending of movies, pivotal moments in TV shows & plot twists even though you don't want to hear it. This is going to annoy the fuck out of you.
  9. Early-itis
    You will inexplicably get up 1 or 2 hours before your alarm goes off. Sometimes you can fall back asleep, sometimes ya don't
  10. Selfie Sucking
    You will no longer be able to take a decent selfie. I'm not talking looks, I mean half your face is in the shot, or you completely miss and take a picture of the windmill behind you.
  11. No dance moves.
    You dance like a Giraffe with a sprained ankle in 1987.
  12. And Finally, Late to the party
    Much like this List. But just cross your fingers and hope your entrance is spectacular!