Inspired by @nathanveshecco
  1. Denied entry to a Concert
    Always think when they scan my ticket it's not going to work
  2. Umbrellas
    Giphy downsized medium
    I rarely use 'em because I am convinced the wind is going to turn it inside out. I wear a hat or just let it rain on me.
  3. Not having my IPod with Me.
    I used to have a mini panic attack if I left my phone at home, now it's the IPod. Need it on me at all times!
  4. Cooking Poultry
    If a recipe says to cook the chicken at whatever heat & for how long, I always cook it even longer. So scared that it will be not fully cooked. Therefore my chicken is usually over cooked.
  5. Wearing Dresses
    Because I sit like a Dude. I man spread.
  6. Cheers
    Always think someone is gonna bust a glass.
  7. Milk
    Even though it says it's still good, I do a teaspoon taste test, just in case
  8. Locked in a Bathroom
    Because I never bring food or my phone with me, what if I am trapped in there for days?