It was Just a Little Crush 📽📺

Childhood crushes I had. TV & Movie edition.
  1. Richie Cunningham
    "I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill."
  2. Hughie from The Beachcombers.
    Couldn't find a picture of him.
  3. Luke Duke
    Wrote him a fan letter when I was 8 years old. I got an autographed picture in the mail from him when I was 13. I moved on by then but thanks Tom Wopat.
  4. Birdie from Sheriff Lobo.
    I just thought he was dreamy!
  5. Rob Lowe
    Oxford Blues - Class- The Outsiders versions.
  6. Jake Ryan
  7. AJ Simon
  8. Jason Bateman
    Hogan Family
  9. Sonny Crockett
  10. Harold Cooper
    "The perfect Man"
  11. Martin Riggs
    I saw his butt!!!
  12. Daniel Day Lewis
    I saw his picture in Premier magazine when I was 17 & I became obsessed with him.
  13. Brian Rolheiser
    My local sportscaster. He was yummy!
  14. Yannick Bisson
    Still looks great. Just saying.
  15. Arthur Kent
  16. Roch Voisine
    Lance et Compte!