My Favourite Lemmy moments.

Lemmy is my nieces dog. I call him My nephew. I think he's the grooviest. Today is his 3rd Birthday. I take his picture a lot. These are my favourites. Happy b-day Teeny Tiny Super Guy!!! 😘
  1. The day we first met.
  2. Hanging out at work.
  3. Love this face.
  4. Hanging out at work.
  5. Sitting in his camping chair.
  6. My Fave Lemmy Face.
  7. Hanging out at the Family Campout
  8. Soooo Cute.
  9. Wanting to go outside.
  10. Begging to go outside.
  11. We were playing in the snow
  12. Love this lil' guy.
  13. Santa Lemmy
  14. Hanging out on a Sunday.
  15. He looks so tiny!
  16. Wouldn't look at me.
  17. Just hanging out.
  18. So true.
  19. Babysitting.
  20. Haircut.
  21. He's so adorable!
  22. This one makes me smile!