My Week. July 9th -July 14th Edition.

Great, The Not So Great & all the Fluff in between.
  1. Sunday
    Couldn't Sleep at all. Just tossed & turned. Too nervous, too anxious, too excited...
  2. Monday
    ...Because I was going to see Duran Duran!
  3. Such a Good Show!!! Was waiting for that since 1983 & it finally happened!!!
  4. Tuesday
    Sad it was over, but so happy it finally happened, and I got to share it with my niece & sister!
  5. Wednesday
    Missing my computer & my ITunes library & I broke my beloved Batman hoop earrings.
  6. Thursday
    Tornado warnings & scary weather.
  7. Friday
    Tied a cherry stem with my tongue (still got it!)
  8. And now Rum & Coke & Spotify
  9. Much ❤️!
    Happy Weekend My fellow Li.sters!!!