Random Photos From my Phone.

I haven't posted any of these on my Social Media until now.
  1. This line from Orange is the the new Black made me laugh.
  2. My new IPod that I named Islington PeaPod Mitchell.
  3. Misheard Lyric #163
  4. No explanation necessary. I brought Shit for Sandwiches.
  5. 346 is my lucky number. I keep seeing it everyday. This is a collection of some of them.
  6. Bill! Bill! Bill!
  7. Thee Best Cheesecake Ever!
  8. Trees.
  9. Got a big chuckle when I saw this.
  10. One morning before work.
  11. Had to screenshot this for all the people who believe every piece of shit they read on Facebook. There is no Tim Horton's in Warburg.
  12. Haha. Cute!
  13. Exactly!
  14. Ooh! Ouch!
  15. My computer at work.