Watching The 104th Grey Cup. 🇨🇦🏉🇨🇦

It's Canada's Super Bowl.
  1. Calgary Stampeders
  2. Vs. Ottawa Redblacks
  3. The Tenors.
    They sang the National Anthem.
  4. Nobody to cheer for?
    Just watching the game, my team isn't in it. ( Saskatchewan RoughRiders)
  5. I won what?!?
    I won the Warburg Hotel Football pool for the 1st quarter. 💯 bucks richer.
  6. 2nd.
    And thanks to the Ottawa Field Goal I won the pool again. Another 💯. Making out like a bandit.
  7. One Republic
    Half time show entertainment.
  8. Mounties & The Grey Cup
    Waiting for a winner...
  9. And We're going into OT
  10. And I'm just as chill AF
  11. Ottawa won in OT.
  12. Henry Burris
  13. Brad Sinipoli
    Outstanding Canadian Player of the Game.
  14. Congrats RedBlacks
  15. And Congrats to Me.
    Spent 10 bucks, won 200. Eff Yeah!!!