What I Learned this week.

Observations / lessons / things I discovered this week.
  1. Ghostbusters T-shirts
    I own 6 Ghostbusters T-shirts. I knew I had a couple, I had NO idea I had that many!
  2. Wal-mart Pizza
    Too lazy to cook supper, so we tried one of these. Darn tasty!
  3. Facebook, Ugh!
    Should seriously consider changing it's name to Bragbook or OverSharebook. Sharing about your kids achievements & keeping friends informed is one thing, BUT the Selfies every 3 seconds and fishing for compliments & sympathy is this side of pathetic. Close to deleting everyone except family.
  4. Paul Feig
    He reads his Twitter!
  5. Lemmy.
    My nephew looks adorable with his haircut.
  6. Wasps
    I am not the only one who has found a few wasps in their house ( my count so far this week is up to 8 as I write this)
  7. Spring Colds
    Suck big time! And I hate hate hate being not well.
  8. In a world full of Princesses
    It's okay to be a Hot Dog!
  9. American Nickels
    Found one in my wallet. From a certain angle, the dude on it looks like Michael Douglas.
  10. It's okay to dislike people.
    Don't have to be kind to unkind people and that's okay.
  11. I can sniff out Bullshit
    Just because I don't call you out on your fibs doesn't mean you pulled the wool over my eyes.
  12. I like List a lot.
    A lot.