What I learned this week.

Observations / Truths / Facts and what not
  1. I suck at Bowling
    Placed dead last! And broke a lot of fingernails.
  2. Sour Puss gives Me heartburn
    Which sucks because I just discovered the Pineapple Coconut flavour which was so good.
  3. Getting good at the inner eye roll
    You don't see it but I'm doing it.
  4. Mosquitos have teeth
    47 of 'em
  5. No Opie.
    Ryan Hurst is going to be at a different Comic Con the weekend of the Edmonton Comic Expo. Maybe next year.
  6. Blackbirds are annoying.
  7. Orlando Bloom paddle boards naked.
    True Story. Saw that.
  8. Google Doodle is addictive
    Love the tennis playing Pineapple.
  9. Tonga's Flag Bearer
    Wow. Just Wow.