Words My Friends Would Use To Describe Me

I didn't have a clue what they'd say about me. So I asked. This is what I got.
  1. Weird.
    From Kari. I concur.
  2. Impressionable, Decisive, Colourful, Witty, Generous, Unyielding, Logical, Charismatic, Insightful, Teacherly, Humorous, Creative, Objective, Responsible.
    From my Deener. (Nadyne)
  3. Fun.
    From Leslie.
  4. Awesome.
    From Chrissy.
    From Norma "Only because you seem to encompass so many attributes the only word i could bestow upon you."
  6. Interesting, funny, herself, karaoker, lover of music, sister, competent, smart, friend.
    From Carolyn.
  7. Cool.
    From my niece Nikki.
  8. Beautiful
    From Lorraine.
  9. Brave. Kind. Authentic.
    From Netasha.
  10. A sister friend funny loving adventurous brave
    From my sister-in-law Brenda.