I watched Kendrick Lamar's performance on Jimmy Fallon and was captivated by Cornrow Kenny. Here's why I hope he makes more appearances this year.
  1. Alter egos in expression, when executed right, make things more interesting
    Kendrick is so meek and mild, so soft spoken (in terms of his public persona) that it would be refreshing to see the aggressive, cocky side take form. I mean, we all know it's there (all great rappers think they're the best).
  2. Cornrow Kenny fears no rapper
    Kendrick doesn't either, but when a rapper chooses the "higher purpose" route for artistic expression, people usually take his/her ability to go bar-for-bar for granted. I believe CK when he says "I could put a rapper on life support/Guaranteed something that none of you want."
  3. Cornrow Kenny can back up his assertions
    Young K Dot rapped recklessly and feigned confidence. CK is all grown up and has earned his stripes. He's bold and daring and he has the confidence and skills to pull it off.
  4. He's "about to let his hair down on hoes."
    And I can't wait to see that happen. This is probably the most important point of the list.
  5. Here, check out the performance: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iZJXvjeWlVA